MantaGlider Universal Inflatable Paddleboard/iSUP Bag


Fit everything you need for an exciting adventure in Manta Gliders spacious Inflatable Paddleboard Carrying Bag!
The leash is tangled, the paddles are carelessly thrown in the back, and the fin got a dent. Your deflated board is taking up the whole trunk of your car while you awkwardly hold the rest of the luggage on your lap. After a long drive, you arrive at your destination only to realize that you didn’t pack the pump!

End the Chaos with Manta Glider iSUP Bag!

Our large travel bag has plenty of room for your iSUP kit, letting you pack everything neatly, and making its transportation effortless.

🌊 Travel with Comfort and Safety – Carry it on your back with the comfortable straps or use the wheels.

🌊 Plenty of Room for Extra Gear – Two large compartments with durable zippers

🌊 Fast and Efficient Packing – Nothing has to be squeezed or stuffed in.

🌊 Fits in The Trunk of Most Vehicles – Easy to check it in as luggage when flying.

🌊 Made for Effortless Transportation – You won’t have to reroll your iSUP a hundred times

Make sure your paddleboard stays in perfect condition, so you can use it for many years!

Once you’re back from your travels, you can store and protect your gear using our iSUP bag! You won’t have to worry about scratches, mold or dust. The extra padding will make sure nothing will damage your equipment.

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TRAVEL IN COMFORT AND STYLE – Carrying around dozens of bits and pieces of your iSUP (stand up paddle board) kit can turn travelling into a nerve-wracking experience. Instead, neatly pack everything in our Inflatable Paddle board Carrying Bag– it’s super easy to carry. Use the sturdy straps as a inflatable stand up paddle board backpack or use the padded handle as a duffel bag or use the wheels for effortless transportation!
FAST AND EFFICIENT PACKING – The corners of the inflatable paddle board stick out, the zipper won’t close, and everything feels like it’s getting squeezed up! Most bags aren’t suitable for a full-size inflatable paddle boards and accessories. BUT our spacious roller travel bag is made to easily fit everything you need for your adventures, without having to roll and re roll your SUP 100 times!
PLENTY OF ROOM FOR ALL THE NECESSARY UTILITIES – You don’t have to leave anything behind…or squeeze everything to fit! The iSUP bag by Manta Glider comes with two large compartments. One for your Manta Glider inflatable stand up board, fin, and paddle. And the second one for the pump, leash, and any extra gear you want to carry with you.
PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT AT ALL TIMES – You won’t have to worry about scratches, dust, moisture, or damage from the sun. The iSUP bag is made from a premium nylon outer shell, extra strong zippers, and has extra padding that will protect your gear and give you peace of mind whenever you move it around. Once you’re done, you can easily store everything neatly inside.
BRING THE ADVENTURE WITH YOU – Our iSUP backpack is designed for effortless transportation on airplanes, cars, buses, etc. It can fit in the trunk of most vehicles and it’s very easy to check it in like a suitcase when you’re flying. Once you arrive at your destination, grab it via the straps and use the wheels to carry it around with ease and comfort!


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