Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag Pack of 3 – 5.7 Gallon Capacity Non Woven Tote Bags


Strong, saves the environment, and thermal insulated! The Grocery Shop Reusable Bag is ready for action!

♻Take to the Super Market, Farmers Markets, and Ice-Cream Store! If you find yourself using way too many plastic bags from the supermarket, then maybe it’s time to make the switch to reusable bags.
But wait, these are not JUST reusable they are also insulated thermal bags to keep all your food cold or frozen until you arrive home.
Buy Ice Cream by the gallon, frozen vegetables, or fresh meat without worrying about things defrosting or spoiling on the way home.
🌟Colorful Tote Bag Features: Pack of 3 Bags (5.7 Gallon) to fit all your groceries with ease.
Sturdy carry handles, fabric, and stitching – can hold up to 30lb!
Blue, Green, White, Red, Thermal Grocery Bags.
Keeps your food hot and cold for a few hours until you get to your destination.
Use when going on a day trip, picnic, or spending a day at the beach.
Environmentally friendly – will not pollute the oceans or landfills like plastic bags from the supermarket.
39x36x15 cm – 21 Liters
15.5×14.17×6 ” – 5.7 Gallons

🛒High End Shopping
Give your customers a feel of luxury shopping and a high-level service when you pack up their shopping in the high-quality fabric tote bags with insulation.
You can print the name and details of your store on the side of the bag; so, when your customers reuse their bags around town your business will be getting a ton of free advertising.
We recommend anyone who owns a butcher store, fishmonger, produce market or ice-cream stores purchase these bags in bulk,
and your customers will be able to take home their purchases in a quality insulated bag! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you have any questions or issues with your soft-sided cooler bag, please contact us so we can quickly get the problem resolved.


👜 EXTREMELY DURABLE INSULATED GROCERY BAG – This cooler tote bag is made with a non-woven fabric and an insulated aluminum foil interior. The durable fabric and stitching can hold up to 30lb of groceries. Keep your ice-cream, popsicles, produce cold and fresh in these thick insulated shopping bags.
♻ VALUE PACK OF 3 REUSABLE GROCERY BAGS – We believe in conserving the environment. Plastic bags pollute and are damaging to both wildlife and marine life. This pack of 3 reusable grocery tote bags will never end up in the ocean or landfills. Plus, they are way stronger and carry loads more shopping than those flimsy supermarket bags!
🐟 PERFECT PROMOTONIAL BAG FOR YOUR PRODUCE STORE- If you own a fresh fruit and veg store, or a butcher shop, or fish shop; then these bags will be used by all your customers. Buy these grocery bags for produce in bulk and print your company logo on the side. People will walk around town advertising your store for free!
❄ KEEP THE FOOD COLD TILL YOU ARRIVE HOME – Keep your food at optimum temperatures even on a hot day. This set of insulated tote bags with carry straps will keep your chicken, steaks, ice-cream, frozen veg all lovely and cold until you get home. It’s also great for keeping fruit and veggies fresh and crunchy without wilting in the heat.
🚗 NO LEAKS OR SPILLS IN YOU CAR – The insulated leak proof tote bag is perfect for transporting hot food to friends or family. It will keep the food hot and the steam wont leak into your car. In case of any sweating on the outside of frozen items, your car will stay nice and dry with the frozen items securely inside this large insulated grocery bag.

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Blue, Red, White


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