MantaGlider Seat for Inflatable SUP Board and Kayaks


Transform your inflatable board into a fully-fledged kayak with MantaGlider’s form-fitting seat.
Owning a paddleboard is a great way to have fun on the water. But what if you want to test your abilities and try different things?

Instead of forking out an absurd amount of money for a boat or a kayak, MataGlider SUP/ Kayak seat lets you use your regular stand up board or inflatable kayak any way you want to:

You can row in a lake, go fishing, try coast to coast kayaking, ride down a river, and explore unreachable beaches!

🌊 Transform Your Paddleboard – Suitable for kayaking, fishing, and rowing.

🌊 Perfect for Water Sports Enthusiasts – Test your abilities

🌊 Extra Comfort and Safety – For extra hours in the water

🌊 Suitable for Kids – A learning tool for beginner paddlers

🌊 Easy to Attach – It takes less than a minute

🌊 Designed to Withstand the Worst Conditions – Will stay in place

🌊 For Every Size – Form-fitting with plenty of support for your back

Enjoy the water in every way possible!

The added utility will allow you to fully experience this year’s summer vacation. Either for a relaxing day at the lake or an adrenaline-fueled adventure riding down a roaring river.


✔️ Easily attaches to the kayak’s anchor points using adjustable straps with snap-hook ends. Allows for customization of the backrest recline angle.

✔️Integrated grooves designed for airflow, and to channel water for optimal drainage.

✔️ Foam cushion area measures 1/2″ thick for comfort and support.

✔️Strap length is approx 24″ and fully adjustable.

✔️Made with a water-resistant neoprene shell and an EVA core.

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Extra Comfortable Ocean Kayak Seat – Detachable Paddleboard Seat – Form-Fitting Seat for All Body Sizes – Kayak Paddle Board Accessories.

RANSFORM YOUR STAND-UP PADDLE BOARD INTO A KAYAK – The detachable foam kayak seat add extra utility to your paddle board. Connect the straps to the D-rings of your SUP and you can start exploring the roaring rivers and vast lakes with comfort and safety. Perfect for high wind days, whitewater rapids, and coast to coast kayaking.
PERFECT FOR KIDS TO PADDLE ALONGSIDE YOU – The sturdy sit in kayak seat by MantaGlider is a great learning tool for kids interested in paddling. Instead of you awkwardly dragging and holding their board, they can now safely practice and have fun on their own. An easy solution for every family excursion!
ADJUST THE SEAT IN 1 MINUTE OR LESS – You won’t have to deal with countless bolts, nuts, and dangerous screws sticking out. Attach the four copper hooks to the D-rings of your boat or paddle board, adjust as needed and you’re ready to go. The paddleboard seat is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, so we can guarantee it’ll stay in place no matter what.
EXTRA COMFORT MEANS EXTRA HOURS IN THE WATER – Whether you are kayaking, paddling, fishing or rowing – this form-fitting canoe/ kayak seat with back support provides essential stability and comfort! | Foam cushioning for your glutes and lumbar spine | Integrated Water Drainage and Air Flow Channels | Water-Resistant Neoprene with EVA core | You can do what you love without experiencing the common lower back pain that comes with watersports.
YOUR SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY – Here at MantaGlider, we design products that aim to assist you in your adventures and provide countless hours of fun. But one of our responsibilities is to try and keep you safe. That’s why we believe the sit on top kayak seat is a necessary addition to your paddling kit, especially if you’re looking to test your abilities in dangerous waters! Click Add to Cart Now!


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