Swim Buoy for Open Water – High Visibility Yellow Swim Float Device 15L


Few things are more useful to an adventurer than a rugged, floating waterproof dry bag!

Whether you’re crazy about kayaking, hooked on fishing, or maybe you ride your motorcycle through torrential rains, you need to keep your stuff out of the wet. Dry bags from MantaGlider will keep your gear dry as a bone. And that includes any sandwiches you might have packed for lunch!

Why We Have the Best Dry Bag for Any Wet or Muddy Adventure:

✔️ 500D PVC – Extremely durable waterproof bag. Resistant to tears, rips, abrasions, and punctures.

✔️ Comfortable to carry – Includes two adjustable shoulder straps. For added padding, place a towel or some rolled-up clothes towards the back.

✔️ Lifesaving – The dry bag can act as a buoy or flotation device. This can be lifesaving when crossing dangerous rivers, rafting, or kayaking.

✔️ Maximum Visibility – The yellow color ensures you are easily visible to people around you, and your bag is easy to spot in the dark when you are camping.

✔️ Free Cell Phone Dry Case – Keep your lines of communication closed in this premium waterproof cell phone bag.

✔️ Versatile Use – Use in your car for storing cables, or as a camping water bucket, or for keeping electronics dry. The possibilities are endless!

***Note: In order to keep your gear 100% dry you must fold the top of the dry bag at least three times, then snap the buckle shut.


10L –

500D PVC Tarpaulin

0.5MM thickness – size: L- 450mm W- 200mm

20L –

500D PVC Tarpaulin

0.5MM thickness

size: L- 480mm W-

Out of stock


Swim n’ Float With Safety – Swim in the ocean’s open water without fear. With a special airbag design and natural buoyancy, our swimming buoy open water float is your trusted companion that provides comfort, rest, or life-saving help in the event of a cramp.

Keep Your Items Close and Dry – A swimming buoy and bag in one? Yes indeed! With its 15 liters storage capacity, our swim float bag can fit your clothing, as well as essentials such as your phone, ID, and keys, allowing you to keep them on hand while in the water.

Stay Visible – Jet ski traffic, paddlers, and surfers feel like they’re encroaching on your swim space? These HOT bright colors Swim Float bag stands out in open water, keeping you safe and SEEN at all times.  Additionally, rescuers can pinpoint your location in an emergency.

Secure & Adjustable Belt – Ain’t nothing bringing you down! Our adjustable belt design keeps the buoy swimming bag firmly attached to you, yet away from stroke range. Enjoy swimming hassle-free. Plus, it folds compact, and easily fits in any beach bag!

Perfect for Open Water Adventures – Truly a thalassophile’s ( ocean lovers) dream. Our swim float bag is MADE for open water swimmers, kayakers, triathletes, and stand-up paddleboarders (SUP’s) swim students, and more. Get yours now and enjoy open water in absolute peace and comfort!


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