Premium Soft Sided Cooler Bag – 50 Cans/ 32 Liter – Keeps Food Hot & Drinks Cold


✅ STRONG, DURABLE TRAVEL PICNIC BAG – Anyone who loves the outdoors, will be taking this reusable soft-sided collapsible cooler bag on every day trip. Made with ultra-durable ripstop fabric and flexible PEVA lining, this is the best cooling bag that will last through years of adventures. PLUS, the picnic cooler bag is odor, mold, and mildew resistant.

✅ EASY TO CARRY, HIT THE GREAT OUTDOORS – Travelling with kids, taking a trip to the zoo, or spending a day on the road you need this highly portable ice cooler. The long adjustable strap fits comfortably over your shoulder. Hundreds of happy customers love the fact that this is a collapsible picnic basket and can be stowed neatly after use.

✅ LARGE CAPACITY TO FIT A DAYS WORTH OF FOOD – Instead of trying to stuff everything into a small soft duffle food bag, use our.,/ large leakproof cooler bag. Store 50 cans of ice-cold beer, multiple boxes of fruit, vegetable, meat, and more! This folding cooler is your best bet for a full day out, tailgating, pot luck lunches, or as a food delivery bag.

✅ INCLUDES EXTRA POCKETS FOR ORGANIZATION – Not just 1 big pocket large beverage cooler also has a front zippered pocket and an inner mesh pocket. Keep cutlery, napkins, and other flatware neatly stashed in the soft ice chest with extra pockets. Comes in blue, light blue & grey soft cooler bags. Picnic bag measures: L 39cm/15.35″ /   W 26m / 10.24″ H 33/ 12.99″

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For Keeping Food and Drinks Cold or Hot– For Beach, Picnic, Office, Outdoors – Extra Storage in Front Pocket.

◆ EASY CARRY COOLER BAG – An adjustable shoulder strap makes this large-sized cooler bag easy to carry. It measures 38.50cm x 25.50cm x 33.00cm – this can fit cold drinks, food, and an ice pack on top. Store other picnic supplies like napkins or cutlery in the front pocket.

◆ FILL WITH FOOD AND GO ADVENTURING – Travelling with kids, a partner, or on your own means, you will need to take food and drinks along with you. When tummies start to grumble you will have hot food or fresh fruit for everyone to munch. This bag is essential for long car journeys or people who truck across the country.

◆ NO SMELLS, LEAKS, AND EASY TO CLEAN – Leak-proof cooler bag is made of ripstop fabric that is resistant to tearing and ripping. The waterproof inner lining means that even melted ice packs or spills won’t leak from the bag. If you need to clean simply turn inside out and rinse off in the sink, the flexible PEVA lining will resist odor, mold, and mildew.

◆ BEAUTIFUL  COLORS AVAILABLE – Choose from an insulated lunch bag of Two-Tone  Blue, grey, and light Blue thermal bags We recommend using this cooler bag for family outings, BBQs, camping trips, beach, sports events, or transporting food over to friends or family. Keep everything cool, fresh, or hot for up to 12 hours!

Come prepared for your next day trip in the great outdoors with your friends or family. Keep your food fresh and cool in the WAVE soft-sided cooler bag, ready for everyone to eat!

The Thermal Lunch Bag that Packs a Mean Lunch!

This bag may look small, but it can fit multiple Tupperware boxes or food storage containers, so you can bring a three-course meal! It also has space in the front pocket for any other picnic essentials.

Best Collapsible Cooler Bag for all Serious Picnickers, Beach Goers, Mamas & Road Trippers….

Picnickers – Pack all your sandwiches and snacks plus a few drinks for your day out.

Beach Goers – Stash your sunscreen on the side and some juicy watermelon in a food container.

Mama’s – All Moms (and Dads) know you don’t leave the house without taking snacks, drinks, and bottles/beverages for all members of the family. Keep it all organized in one useful tote bag!

Road Trippers – During long car or truck journeys use this cool bag to keep a supply of food and drink fresh in your car.

Keep Cool- Keep Hydrated

Traveling the dusty backroads of some random state, or just taking a trip to the mall with your kids, the insulated water bottle holder that comes FREE with this lunch tote bag will keep your water ice cold!

The handy carry strap on the water bottle sleeve means you can easily access your water at any time, take on a hike, hang on your stroller, or place it beside you in the car.

Features & Specifications

1 Medium Sized Cooler bag – 38.50cm x 25.50cm x 33.00cm.

Durable Ripstop fabric and PEVA lining

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you have any questions about your Wave cooler bag, please contact us so we can quickly get the problem resolved.

Additional information

Weight 0.480 kg
Dimensions 31 × 27 × 10 cm

Blue, Grey, Light Blue


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