MantaGlider Electric 16 PSI Air Pump Compressor


12V Electric Air Pump – Inflate your SUP, Kayak, Boats or Rafts Faster Than Ever!
Conserve your energy and your muscles for paddling NOT pumping! Manual pumps are great if you enjoy having aching arms, and low energy levels before you even get out on the water. Save yourself, a lot of time and effort by using this electric pump. Simply plug it into a power source and watch as your inflatables inflate all by themselves!

Brand Name Air Pump Highlights:

🌊 Adjustable PSI Settings – No need to worry about overinflating your SUP or Kayak, use the digital screen to set the PSI beforehand.

🌊 Auto Shut-Off – Once your inflatable has reached the correct air pressure the electric pump will automatically shut – off.

🌊 Clear Digital Screen – Simple control buttons and a digital pressure reading LCD screen make it easy to monitor the PSI status as your SUP board inflates.

🌊 Easy to Set Up – The extra-long cord measures 9.5 feet, and the hose length is 3.5 feet. Plug the SUP air pump (into a 12V DC or cigarette lighter style) socket.

🌊 Durable Hose with Different Nozzles – The durable hose is flexible, with a standard nozzle end, and THREE other plastic nozzles. Designed to work with most inflatable SUP models and other inflatables.

What Types of Inflatables Can I Use this with?

Suitable for: Inflatable loungers, rafts, boats, kiddie pools, kayaks, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board), Dinghy, air mattress and more!

Whether you prefer a stand-up paddleboard or a kayak, having the right equipment handy is essential for a successful day on the water. Pump up your gear and explore rugged coastlines, float across a lake, or ride the waves at the beach!

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SUP Board High Pressure 12V, 16PSI. Paddleboard Pump Essential – Paddle Board Accessories – Electric Pump for Inflatables, Kayaks, Pool Float.

ULTRA EFFICIENT, SMART HIGH-PRESSURE 12V PUMP – If you’re stoked to get on your inflatable watercraft then you’re going to need this electric SUP pump! The MantaGlider electric pump for paddleboards is a compact and powerful model that will work with just about any inflatable SUP, (Stand up Paddleboard) or kayak. It’s time for some wet adventures!
EASY TO USE – ADJUSTABLE PSI SETTINGS – Set the PSI level on the digital screen, and it will shut off automatically when it reaches the right air pressure. The electric air pump with PSI gauge means there is NO need to worry about over inflating your paddle board, water sports inflatables, inflatable rafts, air mattress, floats or pool accessories.
USE YOUR ENERGY FOR PADDLING NOT PUMPING – The MantaGlider 12V air pump will do the job a lot faster than a manual pump allowing you to conserve your energy for the water. FAST PUMPING TIME – The high-volume air flow means your MantaGlider SUP, or Paddleboard (Sold Separately), will be ready to get out on the water in 8 minutes flat!
TAKE ON ADVENTURES – LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Even when your car is stuffed, you’ll still have space for this inflator pump! Store in your boat or your car trunk – so you’ll be ready to inflate anything. The MantaGlider Paddleboard inflator is compact and lightweight, with a carry handle that makes it super easy to carry.
EASY TO CHARGE – The 9″ long cable attached to this pump connects to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle. The portable pump for inflatables can also be powered by DC 12volt or via a car power outlet with the cigarette accessory jack. The 12V pump also includes 3 different nozzles/ gaskets and a 1 year warranty >> Click Add to Cart to Inflate Your Watersports Gear Today!

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Dimensions 28 × 20 × 16 cm


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