2 PCS/Set Self-Inflating Soft Rooftop Rack Pads for Bag/Surfboard/Paddleboard/SUP/Snowboard, with 2 Tie Down Straps


✔️ LOAD YOUR CAR ROOFTOP WITHOUT ANY FEAR – Take your kayak, surfboard, canoe, or luggage wherever you go with this 2pcs rooftop rack. The pads will keep your luggage from denting the car’s rooftop and scratching its paint! Smooth sailing with our kayak roof rack!

✔️ SELF-INFLATING + BIG LOAD CAPACITY – These pads self-inflate within a matter of seconds. The weight is 2.0kg while the size is 133 x 12 x 8cm. In case your previous surfboard roof rack was small, know that this one will fit both big and small SUVs. The load capacity is 75kg!

✔️ ULTRA DURABLE & HIGH-QUALITY – The soft roof rack pads are made of high-denier nylon and EVA. Due to the ripstop nylon, they remain intact while EVA increases the durability and sturdiness of the set. The straps have a grip as strong and secure as rachet straps.

✔️ PLUG N’ PLAY INSTALLATION & REMOVAL – Place the rolled pads onto the roof of your car, unroll them and they strap onto the rooftop (Adjustable Straps). Open the valve to let them self-inflate. They don’t deflate unless you want them to. No tools or roof rails are required to install it!!

✔️ 1 YEAR WARRANTY – CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR TOP PRIORITY – 30-day return policy PLUS we also offer you a 1-year warranty that shows our trust in this product. Strap your kayak, surfboard, snowboard, or suitcases onto this universal roof rack and set off on a new adventure!!

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2 PCS/Set Self-Inflating Soft Rooftop Rack Pads for Bag/Surfboard/Paddleboard/SUP/Snowboard, with 2 Tie Down Straps100% Safe Transfer of Load & Luggage – Meet the Inflatable Car Roof Rack Everyone’s Going Crazy Over!

If you flinch at the thought of your kayak, surfboard, or luggage damaging your car rooftop’ paint, you’re in the right place! Be like the best adventurers who use Mantaglider Leader’s soft roof rack! The extra-wide and thick pads keep your luggage and watersport equipment from touching the rooftop.

Unlike other self-inflating surfboard roof rack pads, this one does not have the design flaw that lets the rainwater pour into your car!

If you’ve used a soft roof rack cargo carrier before, you must be aware of what we’re talking about. Since the straps go through the side windows, even when you close those windows to the fullest, water creeps in. Manta Glider’s smart design prevents this from happening.

Other Features:

✔️ Self-Inflating – Unlike other inflatable car rooftop racks, this one is self-inflating. Just open the valve and let air + EVA take care of the rest.

✔️ Bigger Load Capacity – These pads will fit any SUV or car that you own due to the flexible design and their size: 133 x 12 x 18cm. They have a 75kg weight loading capacity.

✔️ Durable and Reliable – This rooftop rack is made of ripstop nylon and EVA: hence 2kg weight. It will stay with you for an exceptionally long time.

✔️ Plug n’ Play Installation/Removal – Enjoy a plug n’ play installation and very quick removal of the rack whenever needed. The smart design lets the pads strap onto the roof of your car and self-inflate in no time.

✔️ Temperature-Resistant – If your previous rooftop rack’s pads auto-deflated due to a change in temperature, resulting in the damage to the rooftop, know that these pads are heat-resistant and never auto-deflate.

Load Up Your Vehicle, Travel Far, and Wide without Scratching or Denting your Car Roof!

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 25 × 16 cm



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