MantaGlider SUP Paddleboard Leash – Coiled Kayaking Leash


Stay safe during paddling and surfing using Manta Gliders durable coiled leash.
You could be paddling, surfing, kayaking. An unexpected ripple, a gust of wind or an awkward entry could make you slip and send your stand-up board or boogie board far away, while you’re left there stranded.

Now, you either have to swim miles to the shore or chase down your equipment. Neither option sounds like fun.

This protective leash is there to help you secure your gear and hold it close to you when an accident like that happens. You can simply drag your board and hop back on in no time!

Important Specs:

✔️ Super Strong 7mm Urethane cord

✔️ New Molded-in 360 Stainless Steel Swivels

✔️ Extra Strong Velcro Strap

✔️ Triple Railsaver – Essential as a lot of pressure is applied to the cord and surfboard during wipeouts.

✔️ The MantaGlider coiled leash easily absorbs wave impact, stretching up to 5 times the coiled length.

✔️ 2.7” Thick Neoprene Cuff – Non-slip cuff prevents cuff from rotating on ankle.

MantaGlider Leash Highlights🌊 Stay Safe – You won’t have to swim miles to retrieve your equipment

🌊 Super Comfortable – You won’t even feel it around your ankles

🌊 Doesn’t Tangle or Curl – Full range of motion

🌊 Coiled Leash – Prevents drag in the water

🌊 The Coil Doesn’t Lose Its Shape – NO snapping

🌊 Will Secure Your Board – It’ll prevent surfing accidents

🌊 Essential Gear for Beginners – and experienced water sports enthusiasts

🌊 Resists Sea Water Corrosion

A leash costs less than a new board or kayak.

An unexpected accident shouldn’t ruin your whole day in the water. That’s why we’ve designed a strong and secure leash to keep you and your equipment safe in case of an emergency.

Click “Add to Cart” and grab yourself one of our coiled leashes to be prepared for when things don’t go as planned.

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Stretchy Leash That Won’t Tangle – Protect Your Equipment Ankle Leash.

PREVENT SUP ACCIDENTS – It happens to the best of us. An unexpected offshore swell, or a strong current… All of these things could turn your paddleboard upside down or send your board miles away. When you’re far away from the coast or too tired from paddling, it can get dangerous. For your own safety, the protective paddle leash is a necessary addition to your kit.
SO COMFY YOU WON’T EVEN FEEL IT – The neoprene ankle cuff leash by MantaGlider allows you to have full freedom of motion, without tangling and curling around your feet. The coil doesn’t lose its shape and it stretches without snapping – suitable even for choppy water rides. It’s super comfortable around the ankle and it allows you to surf or paddle.
EXTRA SAFETY FOR YOU AND THOSE AROUND YOU – Great for SUP or Boogie board leash replacement. Our stretchy body board leash will prevent your board slipping away by securing your SUP or boogie board to your ankle. Features Super Strong 7mm Urethane cord | New Molded-in 360 Stainless Steel Swivels | Triple Railsaver | The MantaGlider coiled leash easily absorbs wave impact, stretching up to 5 times the coiled length.
PROTECT YOUR PADDLING GEAR – A gush of wind, a tall wave or a complicated maneuver could make you wipeout… and send your board far away along with whatever gear you’re carrying. The leash for paddleboard is there to help you retrieve it and hop on in no time. It comes handy when you’re paddling in cold waters or near rocky coasts, where time is of the essence!
1 YEAR GUARANTEE – We all want to experience the thrill of adventure and the adrenaline pumping when we’re surfing, kayaking, or paddling. Be prepared with the highest quality coiled SUP leash! MantaGlider wants to equip you with the best gear to provide safety when things don’t go as planned. We believe that our cable ankle strap is essential for every waterman or woman, especially if you’re a beginner.


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