White-Blue MantaGlider 11′ Foot Inflatable SUP Board


Explore the world and experience the thrill of adventure on top of MantaGlider Inflatable SUP.
Get ready to explore the waterfalls and rapids of a fast-flowing river. Catch some spray and surf the ocean waves. Or lay back and relax while paddling alongside the rocky coast of a tranquil lake. Whatever it is that you want to do, simply pump up your iSUP Paddle Board and you’re ready to go!

Unique Design with EXTRA D Rings:

Manta Glider has included: One D ring – at the back for hooking the foot leash | Two D rings on each side (total 4) allows you to hook a iSUP seat to the board | PLUS, Extra D Ring up front – tow the iSUP or secure an anchor (ensures no drifting).

Other Features

🌊 100% Portable and Inflatable – You can fit everything in our travel bag

🌊 Sturdy as a Hardboard – Yet light and versatile

🌊 It Won’t Lose Pressure – Even in tough conditions

🌊 Doesn’t Get Wobbly – The deck is wide and stable

🌊 Suitable for beginners – and paddling experts

🌊 All-Around iSUP – For surfing, paddling, yoga, fishing

🌊 Easy to Carry and Store – Fits in your car’s trunk.

Includes all the Paddling Essentials:

✔️ Waterproof camera case to film your adventures

✔️ A paddle that floats.

✔️ A center fin for extra maneuverability

✔️ A pump that actually fits the valve.

✔️ A repair kit for emergencies.

✔️ D-rings for seat or rope attachments.

✔️ Removable neoprene carry handle cover.

✔️A comfortable travel bag

Everything you need for a fun, excursion on the water

Stand, kneel, or lay back and relax – you can even do Yoga or take your dog along for a ride! We’ve made sure our iSUP is rugged, stable, and rigid! Even in choppy waters, or on a windy day the MantaGlider iSUP made for stability and performance.

Just make sure you inflate your board (between 15-18 PSI) and you can freely enjoy the water!

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  • FOR THE DARING EXPLORER – The incredible iSUP Stand Up Paddle Board gives you the freedom to explore otherwise inaccessible places. Whether it’s lake surfing, ocean paddling, yoga, or fishing, MantaGlider inflatable stand up paddle boards, are ready to go with you anywhere and everywhere! Simply unroll the board, pump it up and you’re ready to experience the thrill of adventure — wherever you are.
  • EXTRA STURDY WITH UNIQUE DESIGN – The MantaGlider’ is UNLIKE any other! One D ring – at the back for hooking the foot leash | Two D rings on each side (total 4) allows you to hook the iSUP seat to the board | PLUS, Extra D Ring up front – tow the iSUP or secure an anchor (no drifting). Extra Stable Inflatable Stand Up Baddle Board 6 inches Thick | Holds up to 320 lbs) |Rigid (no flex in the middle) | Ultra Stable Traction Pad (do some Yoga) | Bungee System (For extra gear/ water bottle)
  • A COMPLETE KIT FOR THE ULTIMATE PADDLING EXPERIENCE – Our Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board surfing kit has everything a complete beginner or an experienced waterman/woman needs to enjoy the water. A blow up Paddle Board, a pump that actually fits the valve, a repair kit for emergencies, a BONUS waterproof camera case so you can film your adventures, and more!
  • BRING THE ADVENTURE WITH YOU – Fit everything you need inside our travel bag. The inflatable sup, with all the accessories, is 100% portable. The lightweight design allows you to carry the iSUP on your back or hold in your hand. Plus, unlike traditional hard paddle boards, you don’t have to worry about storage. Keep it in the trunk of your car, in your closet or right under your bed.
  • OUR COMMITMENT – Stay safe and enjoy your adventures with the MantaGlider Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards kit. Cruise around on flat water, maneuver down a moving river, or ride the wild ocean waves. You’ll find it’s easy to get going and perform turns quickly on this iSUP. Committed to giving you a great experience, we’re offering a 1-year guarantee. Click Add to Cart Now!


Additional information

Weight 13.9 kg
Dimensions 90.00 × 46.00 × 25.00 cm


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