Swim Buoy for Open Water – High Visibility Pink Swim Float Device, Large Capacity 28L


Discover the meaning of freedom with this swim buoy made for open water adventures.

If you’re here, then it’s likely that you believe nothing can come between you and your love of the water. Floating with your eyes fixed on the open skies above, or slicing through the waves, and sensing the deep, unknown underwater world below; this is what it feels like to be free.

However, safety must always be a priority, because, as charming as water adventures can be, they can quickly and unpredictably veer into dangerous territory.

By swimmers, for swimmers

Using our firsthand knowledge and swimming experience, we developed a finely designed swim buoy that balances utility with comfort and ease of use.

The Waterproof Swim Buoy Dry Bag will allow you to enjoy swimming to its fullest, all while helping minimize the danger of being stranded or unassisted in the event of an emergency.

Our buoy’s key water- & swim-friendly features at a glance:

✅ Dual airbags separate from the storage area provide increased buoyancy

✅ 28L extra-large storage compartment for clothing and essentials such as phone, keys, ID

✅ Adjustable dual belt & leash design for effortless swimming

✅ Bright color for high visibility & safety

✅ Portable and lightweight folds compact & takes up minimal space

Buoy specifications:

– Capacity: 28 Liters

-Buoyancy: 18 Kg (approx. 40lbs)

-Max Load Weight: 9 Kg (approx. 20lbs)

-Dimensions: 70cm x 35cm (approx. 27 inch x 14 inch), lying flat

Our buoy is perfect for:

Open water swimmers | Triathletes | Kayaking | Snorkeling | Boating | Fishing | Rafting | Safe swim training | Floating | Camping

…and anyone wishing to experience a deeply relaxing swim with increased safety!

Oh, buoy! Time to grab your new flotation device and hit the waves! Add it to your cart now & enjoy a risk-free purchase >>>

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Swim n’ Float With Safety – Swim in the ocean’s open water without fear. With a dual airbag design and natural buoyancy, our swimming buoy open water float is your trusted companion that provides comfort, rest, or life-saving help in the event of a cramp.

Keep Your Items Close and Dry – A swim buoy and bag in one? Yes indeed! With its large, 28L storage capacity, our swim float bag can fit your clothing, as well as essentials such as your phone, ID, and keys, allowing you to keep them on hand while in the water.

Stay Visible – Jet ski traffic, paddlers, and surfers feel like they’re encroaching on your swim space? This HOT pink Swim Float bag stands out in open water, keeping you safe and SEEN at all times.  Additionally, rescuers can pinpoint your location in an emergency.

Secure & Adjustable Belt – Ain’t nothing bringing you down! Our adjustable belt design keeps the buoy swimming bag firmly attached to you, yet away from stroke range. Enjoy swimming hassle-free. Plus, it folds compact, and easily fits in any beach bag!

Perfect for Open Water Adventures – Truly a thalassophile’s ( ocean lovers) dream. Our swim float bag is MADE for open water swimmers, kayakers, triathletes, and stand-up paddleboarders (SUP’s) swim students, and more. Get yours now and enjoy open water in absolute peace and comfort!


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