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We’re Pumped for a Wet Watery Adventure! Meet the MantaGlider Double Chamber Hand Pump!

If you’re an experienced waterman or woman you’ll know that inflatable paddleboards, kayaks, rafts or boats are as good as their solid counterparts. Except even better because you can pack em’ away and travel anywhere with them.

You may have an electric pump to blow up your gear, but without a power source those guys are useless. That’s why we’ve designed a manual pump that works 100% faster than a regular one. If you’re stoked to start paddling – you’ll be out on the water faster than you think!

Manta Glider Highlights

🌊 Double Chamber Continuous Air Flow – Inflate your board faster and easier with continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action.

🌊 Triple Action Switch – With a single switch, the triple action becomes a double action, which becomes single action for easy inflation to 15-18 PSI.

🌊 Built in PSI Gauge – Keeping an eye on the pressure level, keeps you from losing the gauge since it is already built into the pump.

🌊 No Electricity Needed – Pack up the car and hit the road, or hop on a train to a remote location. You can use this manual pump anywhere and everywhere with no power source needed.

🌊 Solid Foot Base – No need to pump like a chump – with a flimsy pump that seem to fall over every five seconds. Enjoy the solid pump action of this MantaGlider inflator as it has a built-in balanced base.

Suitable for: Inflatable loungers, rafts, boats, kiddie pools, kayaks, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board), Dinghy, air mattress and more

Whether you prefer a stand-up paddleboard or a kayak, having the right equipment handy is essential for a successful day on the water. Pump up your gear and explore rugged coastlines, float across a lake, or ride the waves at the beach!

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ULTRA EFFICIENT, LESS EFFORT – DOUBLE CHAMBER CORDLESS AIR PUMP – Are you stoked to start paddling? This double chamber pump allows you to inflate your MataGlider SUP (Sold separately) 100% faster than using a normal manual pump. Plus, this air pump with a PSI gauge on top lets you keep track of the pressure level. Get out on the water faster than ever!

3 PRESSURE SETTINGS – EASY FOR ANYONE TO USE – ► Start with Pressure Setting 1 = Max Capacity Air Flow at lower PSI Pressure ► Setting 2 = Medium Pressure to make inflating easier as the PSI increase. ► Pressure Setting 3 = Max Pressure to make inflating even easier as you get to the highest-level PSI’s. Voila, you now have a solid SUP to stand on!

NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED – PUMP IT UP ANYWHERE – No electricity is required to use it. Take this raft pump to the beach, exotic islands, tranquil lakes or any far-flung places! Whip out your double action hand pump and inflate your stand-up paddleboard, kayak, raft, or boat in no time. Lightweight and portable, this inflatable pump is adventure-ready.

SOLID FOOT BASE – Bend those knees and do a little squat as you pump! This will save your arms from getting tired. The solid base and medium height make this inflator pump a lot easier to use than many others on the market. It’s actually really easy to inflate your inflatables with continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action.

1 YEAR WARRANTY – Water, Wind, or Waves 🌊 Whatever wet adventures you had in mind, make sure you bring this hand air pump along to inflate your MantaGlider SUP (Sold Separately) or as a back up in case your electric pump runs out of steam. All Manta Glider products come with a 1 Year Warranty. If you’re pumped up for an adventure <<Click Add to Cart now >>

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